Dan Mullen - 90.247.031- 'Advanced Web Authoring: Flash' - Fall 2002

Final Project Proposal


This proposal is ambitious but the graphics to ActionScript ratio is low which plays to my strengths.

I'll probably need to learn about collision detection and timers which don't seem to be covered in the syllabus (?).


At this time I think I'm gonna go with the Star Trek motif. I'm compiling a list of components* that I'll try to implement as pieces so that the overall project won't seem as overwhelming. (*not strictly Flash components but building blocks none the less.)

  1. Red Alert Alarm: has four states (Flashing w/ Full Volume, Flashing, w/ half volume, Flashing w/ no sound, off):
  2. main viewing screen w/ starfield
  3. asteroid(s)
  4. phaser line to mouse position (tapered for perspective?)
  5. game countdown timer:
  6. shield strength indicator:
  7. phaser bank strength indicator:
  8. Warp Drive Control (click on the movie to give it input focus first):
  9. goal direction indicator
  10. planet (goal)


Final Project Requirements:

  1. A preloading animation (check)
  2. At least two navigation buttons (begin, quit, next round)
  3. At least one draggable object (perhaps the player will need to drag a dilithium crystal into the matter-antimatter chamber to recharge the phasers :-))
  4. Some animated piece (check)
  5. Include some sound (check)

To Do List

  1. Add Preloader Scene (high priority) - DONE 12/04?/02
  2. Add Intro/Mission Briefing/Instructions Scene (high priority) - DONE 12/04?/02
  3. Add Goal Planet & Distance To Goal gauge (high priority)
  4. Add a dragable object! (high priority)
  5. Stearing/Heading logic (med prio)
  6. Determine level settings and number of levels (med-high) - DONE 12/06/02
  7. Add additional level settings (phaser intensity, shield bonus?)
  8. Code Game Over/Reset logic (med prio)
  9. Roid Explosion (med) - DONE 12/06/02
  10. Enter Bridge sound/animation (med) - DONE 12/06/02
  11. Better looking roid/reinstate rotation (low)
  12. Add Music (low)
  13. Left/Right sound pan on roid strike on left/right of screen (low)
  14. Custom mouse cursor (low)
  15. Add High Score Table - use Captain's Log name entry (low)