Step 2 - Find a Training Facility

  You have choices when it comes to selecting a place to get your SCUBA certification training.

Things to consider include:

  • Recommendations - Who do I know and trust that has undergone training here?
  • Comfort level - Is the instructor experienced and friendly?
  • Class size - Many places offer group, semi-private, and private lessons - if cost is a factor you'll be better off in a group; otherwise go for semi-private or private to get more one on one time with the instructor.
  • Convenience - How far away are they?  What are their hours?   Does the facility have a pool on the premises or nearby?

Things not to worry about:

  • SSI or PADI or NAUI or... There are several SCUBA training agencies out there but by and large they are more the same than different. I feel it's more important to get a good instructor than to look for a specific agency.

Worse comes to worse search the web or look in the Yellow Pages, then head to Step 3.